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Batteries are becoming more and more critical in industries today.  With today's technology fast developing it is imperative that your equipment has good dependable starting power to prevent faults.

Electronically controlled engines depend on good starting voltage, when starting late model engines today if the current drawn on start-up is to great you will incur issues and faults with any equipment.

We offer batteries for all types of Commercial Equipment, Rail, Marine, Agriculture and Backup Generator Systems.

Our services include thorough testing of batteries prior to replacing, why consult companies who just want to sell another battery?  We specialise in supplying the correct battery for fitment and also application, its what we do so call the professionals and ensure you get the correct battery to make sure it starts on time every time when needed.

Any Battery, Anytime, Anywhere – Call the team at Blueprint to supply the correct battery specific to your equipment so you can trust that it's going to operate when required!

Type of Battery for Application

The type of battery required for the application is critical.  The most common fault we see is the incorrect battery supplied for the application.  It is imperative today to think about the equipment, size, Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and where the battery is located prior to supply.  These are just a few of the most common mistakes we see.  Why take the risk when talking to the right people you will be provided the correct advice and can trust you will have the correct battery supplied first time!

Battery Test_3

Load Testing

Musiqo (3).png

Why Load Test?  This is critical to determining faults in your battery, when the battery is under load or trying to start equipment this is when you will determine a fault.  A good battery will hold the current draw and load required, A weak battery will drop and not be able to start critical equipment when needed.

Here at Blueprint we load test every battery supplied and can provide a printout document as evidence to support the condition of your battery.

We can test voltages during cranking to ensure the battery is in good health, todays engines require good cranking voltages to ensure no faults occur. 

Ask us we are happy to help and provide testing of your starting system to ensure everything functions as it should!

Voltage Testing

Water Quality

The quality of water in Lead Acid batteries is critical, we only use and supply the correct water required, Distilled Water.  We also use Hydrometers to measure and test the battery which is further analysis to ensure we supply the client with the correct information and diagnosis.


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