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DEUTZ oil filters

Did you know that in one day the oil filter in your DEUTZ engine filters the equivalent volume contained in a tank wagon?

The filter in DEUTZ engine BF4M2011 filters 40 litres of oil a minute,
that’s a  total of 57,600 litres in 24 hours.


oil filters-485-770

Genuine DEUTZ filter inserts - reliable and safe

filter inserts
1 Filter casing

2 Spacer

3 Overflow aperture
4 High-performance filter

5 Anti-drain lock

6 Seal retainer
filter inserts2
1 Oil cooler casing 4.1/6.1

2 Oil filter cavity

3 Oil drain valve

4 Control valve
(oil pressure control valve)
5 Support column (with
filter bypass valve)

6 Oil filter insert

7 Overflow valve

8 Casing cover
filter inserts3
1 Genuine DEUTZ filter insert

2 Overflow valve
3 Non-genuine filter insert
w/o overflow aperture
  • Large filter surface area and consistently high filtration efficiency guarantee filtered oil for the entire  duration of an oil filter interval.


  • Precisely opening overflow valve with large aperture crosssection, prevents sudden termination of oil  supply, even when the maximum filter capacity has been achieved.


  • Corrosion-resistant casing with high compressive resistance and high-quality seals prevent leaks.


  • Unfiltered oil can enter through cracks. High resis-tance to tearing of the filter medium prevents this from occurring.


  • A special coating protects the filter against water and the aggressive chemical components contained in oil, thus preventing the filter medium from beco-ming brittle and sticking prematurely.


  • Anti-drain lock prevents the filter from draining when the engine has been switched off, thus ensuring sufficient oil is available when restarting.
  • Optimally designed by DEUTZ R&D to meet the  requirements of DEUTZ engines.

Only DEUTZ filters ensure the engine is optimally-supplied with oil for cold starts, frequent restarting, operation at low load and at high temperatures.

Only genuine DEUTZ parts give you optimal protection.

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