Battery Type: Maintenance-Free Accessible

Voltage: 12

Capacity (@20hr rate): 210Ah

Cold Cranking Amps -18°C, SAE: 1200

Cold Cranking Amps - 0°C SAE: 1350

Reserve Capacity: 380 Min

Wet Battery Weight: 56.7 Kg

Lower Casing Dimensions: L 475 x W 264 x H 214


Features and Benefits include:

• Correct European DIN specifications & dimensions for fast, easy installation • Designed to handle high-current starting and heavy auxiliary power loads • Thicker, stronger Full-Frame plates with high tin content extend battery life and cyclic ability • Added Silver improves charge acceptance, highly resistant to heat and corrosion • Glass-Mat separators for added protection against vibration and deep-cycling • Ultra-safe design - Maintenance-Free plates in accessible casing – reduced risk of dry-out explosion • No-compromise design – built to survive in high mileage and high-vibration applications

Battery: N200A (N7)

SKU: N200A