Battery Type:Maintenance-Free Accessible

Voltage: 12

Capacity (@20hr rate): 115 Ah

Cold Cranking Amps -18°C, SAE: 950 A

Cold Cranking Amps - 0°C SAE: 1050 A

Reserve Capacity: 210 Min

Wet Battery Weight: 31.2 Kg

Overall Dimensions: L 407 x W 175 x TH229


Features and Benefits include:

•    Ultra-high-capacity N100L with Bottom Hold-Down ledges •    Replaces original #EU456 battery in European tractors •    Meets OEM specifications of European commercial vehicle and industrial applications •    Thicker, stronger full-frame plates in Silver-Calcium alloy •    Excellent charge retention & charge acceptance •    Highly resistant to damaging effects of vibration, heat and corrosion •    Lowest water loss for improved durability and safety •    Built to comply with Worksafe® recommendations for standby diesel generators •    Built to last in demanding applications

Battery: HCC100LXHD (N100L)