Why should I use a good quality engine oil?

In today's world we are faced with technology changing very quickly, sometimes this can be a huge benefit and other times it's nothing more than frustrating due to constant changes.

In all my years working around the world and with DEUTZ the topic regarding engine oil quality for your diesel engine has always been discussed in detail.

From the days of having the single drum of engine oil in your workshop which was suitable for a range of engines we are now faced with ever changing grades type how often it should be changed etc.

Diesel engine oil quality is crucial to maximise your engine life and performance. Today engines are produced with 40,000km service intervals for on-road or 1000 Hour intervals for off road engines.

The important part about this is to always remember the environment of what the engine will operate in, dusty conditions, ambient temperature, starting and stopping frequently, or operating for long periods of time. These are all factors which will determine how often you change the engine oil and filter.

Most manufacturers will clearly identify the servicing schedule within the handbook or operators manual. If you are unsure you can contact the engine specialists at Blueprint Diesel to get the best advice on your service intervals.

It is imperative that care is taken to ensure you get the performance, correct service interval and prevent damage due to the incorrect lubricant.

With the most modern engines produced today engine oil quality has become extremely important. The incorrect lubricant can cause costly repairs, downtime and real frustration due to such a simple task not being completed correctly.

The oil filter is also critical as this is what filters impurities from the engine oil to prevent issues internally. I have attended so many jobs over the years where clients have aftermarket filters fitted. It is an extremely false economy to think saving a few dollars on a filter is realistic. I have experienced it so many times where aftermarket filters cause issues, the worst case being an engine which suffered catastrophic irreparable failure due to the non genuine oil filter having failed internally allowing the small anti drain valve to be drawn into the engines oil circuit blocking the oil gallery leading to a lack of lubrication to critical parts.

This was a considerably expensive exercise for the client, the main issue was the downtime where he did not have operational equipment to continue with the work he had committed to complete with his clients.

The reality is the manufacturers spend loads of money to produce equipment during this time every component is tested and checked through quality control processes to maintain reliability and customer satisfaction.

The hard work is done and all we need to do as consumers is follow the manufacturers recommendations in order to keep our equipment in the best possible condition to ensure we get the reliability and life expectancy needed. If you do get stuck, get in touch so that we can help you get back on track.


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