Fuel Additive

Fuel Additive
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1L and 5L containers
Our new fuel additive, Original DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro, has been developed to address the issue of traces of biodiesel in diesel fuel. Clean-Diesel InSyPro is a dual-action, 2-in-1 additive:
Keep Clean“ fuel stabiliser „Clean-Up“ cleaning action
  • Increases the amount of time for which diesel fuels can be stored and avoids deposits
  • Reduces incidences of filters becoming contaminated and clogged
  • Guarantees a safe engine start after longer shutdowns
  • Dissolves deposits in the injection components
  • Treats black smoke caused by fuel depo­sits, reduced engine performance and increased fuel consumption 
  • Particularly recommended for high pressure injection systems
The implementation to the stricter exhaust emission
regulations is impeded by the difference in diesel
fuels worldwide. Currently there can be found huge
differences, for example, those containing 5 % - 20 %
(and more) biodiesel based on rapeseed, palmoil,
soya etc.

Under the influence of temperature,
oxygen and time, biodiesel decomposes and forms
deposits which lead to „gumming“ of the injectors
and high pressure pumps, especially in modern
Common Rail injection systems.

Genuine DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro is a highperformance additive suitable for all diesel fuels.
It contains only the necessary ingredients for a selective
treatment without impacting on the environment
needlessly. This enables a comfortable handling and
stocking. Approved
  • DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro is available in 1 litre and 5 litre canisters (part number 0101 7967 and 0101 7968)
  • in all DEUTZ engines and engine series
  • for all DEUTZ approved diesel- and biodiesel fuels and -blends
  • for more product details please see www.deutz.com
Genuine DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro has a dual
Cleaning effect “Clean-up”
With increasing operation time, deposits accumulate
within the injection system and significantly affect
machine power output. DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro
restores “the brand-new” engine performance:
  • removes deposits within injectors, injection pumpsand -lines
  • raised smoke values caused by deposits will be normalised
  • reduces fuel consumption and conserves engine power

Recommended application:

  • at starting problems and increased smoke values
  • at high engine load
  • in regions with poor diesel fuel quality
Stabilisation “keep clean”
Diesel fuel and especially bio diesel mixtures, oxidise
(“age”) when specific influences are present. This can
lead to “gumming” of the injection components and to
filter plugging.
fuel additive deutz chart

Genuine DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro
  • enhances the oxidation stability and prevents deposits
  • prolongs the storing life of diesel fuel
  • reduces filter contamination and filter plugging
  • guarantees safe start after longer shutdown periods
  • blocks the set-up of deposits

Recommended application:

  • in stand-by-operation, e.g. Gensets, rental machines
  • in new machines before shipment delivery
  • when operating with biodiesel (FAME) and biodiesel blended fuels
  • for engine conservation (see TR 0199-99-1170)
Storage demonstration - B10 test fuel @ 50°C for 3 months 
base fuel and base fuel with additive duetz
The use of unreleased additives may lead to deposits, corrosion, filter plugging to the point of breakdown of the exhaust after treatment system. DEUTZ recommends repeating this “"clean-up”"-flushing operation every 500 hrs. in conjunction with the oil change interval. For preventative protection and diesel stabilisation it should
be permanently added to the diesel fuel in halved treat rate.

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