Service Exchange

We exchange your broken part for a factory-refurbished part. 

It's cheaper than buying a new part, but you're still getting a genuine part which has a warranty as new, re-manufactured. Contact us for more information and availability.


Just as good- and environmentally friendly

When DEUTZ engines and parts are worn out after many hours of operation, there is still valuable materials in them.

DEUTZ Xchange means active environmental protection.
Through remanufacturing, valuable resources are saved and new production is avoided.


Just as good- only cheaper

It's cheaper than buying a new part, but you're still getting a genuine part which has a warranty as new, re-manufactured.

Contact us for more information and availability.




Technically optimised, better performance

DEUTZ Xchange engines and parts are always manufactured to the latest technical knowledge. Our reconditioning process uses the same technical know how as the manufacture of original parts.

Thus, a Xchange part can be even better than the original part and has the same warranty as the corresponding new original parts. 

DEUTZ Xchange engines and parts are factory tested for quality, functionality and fit and are thus technically new and identical to new original parts


Experienced and professional

As the inventor of the engine we have 150 years of experience in machine construction. More than 800 service centres and distributors ensures a reliable supply all around the world.

DEUTZ Xchange engines and parts are reconditioned under industrial conditions at our plants in Cologne-Kalk, Ubersee, Bavaria and Pendergress, USA. Manufactured tro the latest technical knowledge and thoroughly tested.

Worn parts are replaced with new original DEUTZ parts. They are ready for installation and work seamlessly in your engine.

Congratulations! All applications, all engine series!

Whether in a construction machine, pump, underground, in a ship, a generating unit or in the agricultural sector: 
DEUTZ Xchange engines are available for every application and for every machine age.

We supply all series, liquid or air cooled, all customer specifications, all options and exhaust treatment systems and for all emission standards over the last 40 years.

Who can do that but us? Nothing left to be desired.

duetz xchange engines

Readily available - Time is money

DEUTZ Xchange engines have a significant advantage over new engines: Not only are they up to 20% cheaper, they can save you time!

Due to the quick availability, downtime of your machines is kept as short as possible. You will receive an engine which is the same quality as a new one and you can be back to work immediatley. 

After all, time is money ...

time is money
minimal down time

Minimal downtime even in difficult cases

  DEUTZ Xchange delivery time (working days)
  1 2-3 4-7 8-11
Longblock yes tick yes tick    
Standard Specification Xchange   yes tick yes tick  
Engine with accessories     yes tick  
Special specifications     yes tick yes tick
Deutz Xchange logo

Processmodel Xchange Engine

processmodel xchange engine-599-169-163
The full program. Only at DEUTZ
deutz Xchange full program

Trust is good.

DEUTZ is better.

DEUTZ Xchange Reman vs

DEUTZ Xchange Reman vs. Rebuilt

Reman vs. Rebuilt
Deutz Xchange logo-849
Third-party provider
on engines
on parts
24 months
12 months
local support only
60 days generally
Worldwide service organisation yes no
Replacement of wear parts by original DEUTZ parts 100% not ensured, risk
Qualified disassembly, cleaning, reporting, inspection, assembly yes w/o DEUTZ specific know-how
Test run yes not ensured, risk
Availability of the engine = Machine downtime 2 - 11 working days not ensured, risk
Delivery in technically current state of the engine yes no
Conclusion second engine life undetermined engine life

Is a third-party
able to do

Deutz xchange tech

DEUTZ Xchange. High tech reconditioning

DEUTZ high tech conditioning

Do you believe that 

any 2013 will fit this 


Xchange taylor made

DEUTZ Xchange. Taylor-made.

DEUTZ taylor made

If you want to be sure that a replacement engine will also fit into your machine, choose an Xchange engine.

Three Xchange Centers Global Supply
Xchange Center Uebersee/Bavaria
Xchange Center
​Xchange Centre Pendergrass/USA Xchange Centre Pendergrass/USA
Untitled-2 r34 c6 s1-96 Xchange Centre
Untitled-2 r36 c22 s1  

Our customers

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Trust is good, DEUTZ is better.

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